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Let me preface this with I dont know if this is a flac issue but I am grasping at straws . Here goes .
In April 2013 I re-ripped my cd's into .flac's . This produced about 3200 files.
2 weeks ago I decided to create 'shadow' mp3 versions of the flac's for portability purposes . When I reviewed the flac output I found about 3 dozen "FLAC__STREAM_DECODER_ERROR_STATUS_FRAME_CRC_MISMATCH" errors .
During my efforts to re-rip the songs some files were produced which still showed the error when 'flac -t' was run against them . Eventually I was able to re-rip them all successfully. During this process I produced a script that performs 'flac -t' on every file in the collection .Once I thought all was good I ran this script .
The script found CRC errors which were not in the original list . What is most puzzling is that in most cases if I run 'flac -t' again it says the file is OK.
I know for a fact at least some the original 36 files were corrupt because when I attempted to play them they would not play at all or would stop after some length of time .
Last weekend I copied all the flacs to a Mac Book Pro via NFS and ran the checker script . No CRC errors found.(MAC has flac 1.2.1).
Currently on my Linux box I seem to get a different result every time I run my script yet the files test OK when checked manually . This happens with flac 1.3.0 ,1.2.1 and 1.2.0 .
I have trouble believing that flac is at fault . I also have trouble believing I have some undetected / uncorrected hardware issue that only affects flac . (system is otherwise stable) .

I'm stumped

If I compile flac with debug turned on is there some output I can request that might shed some light on this issue ?

My environment is
Fedora 20/x86_64

Since the original flac files were produced I have

added a 2nd harddrive to which the flacs are written
replaced 2 1 gig mem modules with 2 2 gig mem modules
moved from Fedora 18 32 bit to Fedora 19 64 bit then upgraded to Fedora 20 64 bit

any help would be appreciated .
if some more info is needed please let me know .
here is one of the errors

11_gold_dust_woman.flac: testing, 2% complete
11_gold_dust_woman.flac: testing, 4% complete
11_gold_dust_woman.flac: testing, 6% complete
11_gold_dust_woman.flac: testing, 8% complete
11_gold_dust_woman.flac: testing, 10% complete
11_gold_dust_woman.flac: *** Got error code 2:FLAC__STREAM_DECODER_ERROR_STATUS_FRAME_CRC_MISMATCH