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#61 x86-64 asm support

Josh Coalson
libFLAC (10)
Bret Towe

be nice to see x86-64 asm go into flac
looking over yasm website(url below) should be easy
to switch from nasm to it and also gain 64bit asm
support at the same time updating the asm from
skimming anyhow looks to be minimal
amount of work required

reason I ask for native 64bit asm is in some
benchmarks a friend of mine did with the help
of gentoo using trasncode in 32bit
and 64bit mode he saw ~15% speed up in 64bit mode

I can do testing if needed and if needed
I might be able to provide a patch
tho I will need to first look into asm in general
so i might have a clue as to whats going on...


  • Josh Coalson
    Josh Coalson

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