#24 An Optional Seperate MD5 File


The built in MD5 error checking in FLAC files is really
great in some ways and not in others. SHN was, and
mostly still is, the major live show trading format. The
main reason is that etree.org keeps a database of the
MD5's of all live shows of bands that allow trading. This
gives you the ability to verify your show against a
legitimate source.

With FLAC however, someone could mix and match
tracks from different sources, and since there is no
seperate MD5 file no one is the wiser.

I propose that you create a seperate but optional MD5
file, like SHN. For tradying purposes this would allow
you to verify that each track came from a particular
source. This would be extremely easy to code and go a
long way to spread FLAC in the live show trading culture.


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    just use "md5check.exe" to make your own md5 ... submit
    those checksums to etree or whatever ... that's what i do.
    i back up my music onto dvd and then make an md5 file of the
    files on that disk and put the file on there. if the disk
    gets scratched or has read errors or whatever, i always have
    the md5 to work from to make sure there was no data loss.