#391 --totally-silent is broken!


Come on... first there was a --silent, but someone had to add output to that...
so then they added a --totally-silent to ***REALLY mean it****....

and what does the current version do?

IT puts out WARNINGS in converting from WAV's with foreign metadata.... no matter what!

If it is there, it puts it out.

If you use the 'keep-foreign-meta-data', option -- you get another warning about it possibly not working!!

That's NOT the place to put such a warning -- that goes in the release notes!.... NOT on each invocation
when one has used "--totally-silent" -- where it says:

Do not print anything of any kind, including warnings or errors. The exit code will be the only way to
determine successful completion.

and a warning wouldn't be an unsuccessful completion (I don't think -- well maybe, ... I did turn on verify,
just to be sure, and verify seems to think it is ok....so would it be fooled too?)

I probably don't need it it -- it's probably garbage added on by the ripper, or by some windows media player
program...just thought as long as it is there, I'd try to keep it...but warnings no matter what?
when I want '--totally silent'???

I wouldn't mind so much if it was a fatal error, but with it just being a warning - that is output on STDOUT
(not even STDERR), I have to filter both STDOUT and STDERR to look for bogus output (or just ignore
everything...not what I prefer...but FLAC is pretty solid...(no backhanded comment there! ;ha!)...

Anyway -- I had to complain about this one -- .. violation of a totally-silent option has to be worth of some
horrible penalty involving something very boring and mind-numbing....(like having to look through tons of
useless warning messages for one that might be important... ;-))...


  • I'm not able to reproduce this one with an BWF-file (which has foreign metadata). Can you post a small sample and/or tell which warning you mean exactly?

  • Erik

    • status: open --> closed-works-for-me
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  • Erik

    Closing this as Martin was unable to re-produce the problem and the bug originator has not responded.