How to call for "onboard" ?

  • Hello,

    Do you know how to call for the "onboard" keybord ?
    Sometimes it appears when using applications.
    But if i close it, then i don't know how to retrieve it.
    Is there a keyboard shortcut to call for it ?
    (Ubuntu Lucid 10.04 + Lifebook T4215)


  • Robert Gerlach
    Robert Gerlach

    Sorry, I do not use onboard. My tools only start a onscreen keyboard if the device goes tablet mode, see /usr/lib/fjbtndrv/ But it should be possible to define a custom hotkey for onboard, but this depends on your  desktop environment.

  • Patrick

    Hello khnz,

    Thanks a lot for this very useful tools.
    I neither use a real keyboard with my tablet. I only use your virtual keyboard, so my idea of a keyboard shortcut is quite stupid.
    Anyway, my problem is : sometimes, i make a mistake and click the wrong tab in the upper right corner of the onboard (the "x" icon). So i don't reduce the application to the main bar, but instead i close the onboard application. How to get it again ? Until now, i have to de-rotate the screen of my tablet and rotate it again to start the tool again, so the onboard comes again.
    I tried a click on /usr/lib/fjbtndrv/, but with no success.
    Any suggestion would be very welcome. Otherwise, i will train myself to click the correct icon "_".


  • Robert Gerlach
    Robert Gerlach

    Hello patrick,

    I'm not the developer of the onscreen keyboards, my tools only start cellwriter, onboard or xvkbd, depending on what is installed. Cellwriter has a tray icon, so reopen is simple. Onboard and xvkbd do not have this feature, as far as I know. But it should be possible to start it from the startmenu or from a shoutcut icon on the panel.
    But you are right, that could be handled better. I'll see what I can do.