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Texture Compression

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    FixeEngine will load only 1 texture format:

    KTX textures (Khronos TeXtures). This format is relatively new compared to other formats, but is pretty usefull because it can be used for every texture type (1D,2D,3D, cube maps and 1D,2D arrays).
    In 1 file you can setup a whole texture unit with all mipmap levels (Also compressed DXT textures are supported as well as floating point HDR textures).

    Actually I've writed a tool wich is able to take your 2D image and to convert it to a RGB compressed KTX texture (DXT1 compression).

    That's means that if you have a 512x512 RGB image (wich takes 1MB on your video card including mipmap levels) you can convert that image into a KTX compressed texture wich takes only 171 KB on your video card and has almost the same original quality and load 20+ times faster.

    The tool was writed using the well known Irrlicht Engine wich has a very nice GUI system. I have writed a KTX loader for Irrlicht too

    KTX Loader x Irrlicht:

    Last edit: Demone 2012-03-21