#7 GTCM-PHP with PHP4.3.1

Richard Nicely

I am running PHP4.3.1 as a module with Apache
2.0.45. I have Sockets enabled in PHP4.3.1, and can
build my own socket applications using fsockopen,
fgets, fwrite etc...and everything works perfectly.
However, many of the instructions that are used in
tcp_socket.inc won't work. I.e. socket, open, write etc...
so I can't get GTCM-PHP (The PHP client side) to work
for me. Do you have plans to update the tcp_socket.inc
file, for the newer PHP socket instructions, or do you
know if there is a way to enable the older instructions to
work with PHP 4.3.1 without actually going back to a
previous version?
Any help would be appreciated. I'm actually a MUMPS
programmer, and am currently doing must of my stuff
with straight MUMPS code through a cgi interface, using
PHP for authentication, and some form stuff. However,
I'd like to be able to get directly to the GTM database
without going through the extra layer of cgi, to be able to
make my actual PHP forms more dynamic.
Any help would be appreciated.


  • K.S. Bhaskar
    K.S. Bhaskar

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    Richard --

    I have heard that PHP has changed some of the socket
    interfaces, and that the GT.M PHP client posted at Source
    Forge needs to be updated. Since our programmers are
    currently busy with funded work, updating the client will be
    on the back burner for a while (unless we are able to find
    funding for the work).

    You may want to search for an updated PHP client on
    comp.lang.mumps. A poster there indicated interest in
    porting the PHP client to a current version of PHP. Perhaps
    you could collaborate with him?

    -- Bhaskar