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GT.M V5.3-001A available

GT.M V5.3-001A is available. It is a minor release derived from V5.3-001, and provides timely fixes to defects, including an issue with NOUNDEF handling, an issue with TP transactions that include multiple global directories, as well as some other issues as described in the release notes at http://www.fidelityinfoservices.com/user_documentation/GTM-V53-001A-RL/GTM_V5.3-001A_Release_Notes.html

Checksums are:

3194483676 162702 dbcertify_V53001A_linux_i686_pro.tar.gz
229097337 4602573 gtm_V53001A_linux_i686_pro.tar.gz
321603112 2893610 gtm_V53001A_linux_i686_src.tar.gz

2198407465 228273 dbcertify_V53001A_osf1_alpha_pro.tar.gz
3266401436 6560048 gtm_V53001A_osf1_alpha_pro.tar.gz
3239759560 2887366 gtm_V53001A_osf1_alpha_src.tar.gz

427360845 5549819 gtm_V53001A_openvms_alpha_pro.zip
425281921 4131913 gtm_V53001A_openvms_alpha_src.zip

Please use the cksum program to validate checksums.

-- Bhaskar

Posted by K.S. Bhaskar 2008-04-27