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GT.M V5.0-000C available for x86 GNU/Linux

GT.M V5.0-000C is a maintenance release that fixes some bugs and adds a
new feature to GT.M on UNIX/Linux. Line editing is now supported for M
Read operations. Release notes
(http://www.sanchez-gtm.com/user_documentation/targets/GTM_V5.0-000C_Release_Notes.html) and a technical bulletin on the new functionality (http://www.sanchez-gtm.com/user_documentation/targets/GTM_M_Read_Editing_for_Unix.html) are available at the GT.M user documentation page (http://www.sanchez-gtm.com/user_documentation/user_doc.htm). This functionality was previously available on GT.M for OpenVMS; hence the latest version of software for OpenVMS is V5.0-000B.

GT.M for Alpha/AXP will follow shortly, as will source code.

Posted by K.S. Bhaskar 2005-12-12