Linux Service (xinetd)

  • Mike Kilmade
    Mike Kilmade

    I have read through the socket discussions on this forum and did not see a suggestion to use a Linux services to connect to GT.M.

    I have accomplished this successfully. It was very clean and straightforward to implement. Multiple client requests are spawned w/o problem by the service.

    However, I still need to do some testing (stress/performance).

    Before I go too far down this path, I was wondering if it is already known that this is not a good approach.

    - Mike

    • James A Self
      James A Self

      I believe this is a good way and possibly the best way to run many types of services. We run several this way in the VMTH at UC Davis. Setup is clean and straightforward as you say. For HTTP it is not as scalable as running Apache and CGI to GT.M.