Regarding Mumps installation

  • nsathishbabu

    hello everbody

        we are very new to mumps, we are trying to install mumps in our environment.As given in the instructions.we first downloaded gtm_V50000C_linux_i386_pro.tar and installed according to instructions given.Then downloaded mumps-1.47.tar and used (make depend & make all) to install as per instructions.After that when we are try to run any simple program its giving error about environment variable's $gtm_dist ,we have no idea about that errors can any of you guide us to install mumps

    • K.S. Bhaskar
      K.S. Bhaskar

      There is something to be said for learning to walk before learning to run - the setting of $gtm_dist is pretty basic and done by a script such as gtmprofile in the install directory.  Why not just use the provided binary till you are knowledgeable about GT.M and then try to build it from source?

      Incidentally, why are you trying to build it from source?

      -- Bhaskar

    • nsathishbabu

      Thanks for your reply,we have successfully installed GTM and able to run some simple programs in GTM Environment.But we are not able to create database as per instructions given in the help file.
      After setting the Global Directory and in getting in to GDE prompt and issued commands
      1.d ^GDE

      2.change -segment default -allocation=1000

      it is instructed after issuing the above commands and exit the GDE mode and type mupip .dat will be created as per Global Directory Name
      But .dat is not getting created on the name of Global Directory we setted.It is creating for the default one "mumps.dat" .Is this Process is correct or we are making mistakes any where?