GNP Documentation

  • Ryan Eastman
    Ryan Eastman

    I am looking for the documentation on GNP.  I have read the admin guides, and the programming guides but did not find any information about GNP.  Could someone please point me to some form of documentation describing how to setup GNP?


    Ryan Eastman

    • There is a GT.M Technical Bulletin in the Documentation section titled: "GT.CM GNP Functional Specification".

      When I follow the link, I don't get the document any more though.
      Could one of the admins please look into this?

      Frans S.C. Witte

      • K.S. Bhaskar
        K.S. Bhaskar

        That document was originally in a proprietary format (.doc) and was posted as HTML, but the HTML was too complex for Source Forge.  The .doc document is now in the downloads section.  Apologies for the use of a proprietary format.

        -- Bhaskar