Cédric Hauwel


1. Extension

This extension can be installed as any other one for testing purpose, but in a production environment, it should be installed as a bundle in order to prevent users from removing, disabling or even seeing the extension. To do so, just unzip the xpi file under this path:


Note that you cannot deploy an xpi file as a bundle, the extension must be plain folders and files.

2. Administrative template

For an in-details description of ADMX management, please refer to this documentation: Managing Group Policy ADMX Files Step-by-Step Guide.
In short:

a. Local installation

To install the administrative template on a single machine:
- Logon with an administrator account
- Unzip the content of in the directory {WindowsDir}\PolicyDefinitions
- Open the Group Policy Object Editor (Run > gpedit.msc)
- Verify that under Computer configuration\Administrative templates and User configuration\Administrative templates, you have a Softisticated\Firefox entry

b. Domain-based installation

Unzip the content of in the domain central store (typically: \\{your.domain}\sysvol{your.domain}\policydefinitions)


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