#366 fire.fm fails to play 2 songs consecutively

Tim Golden

the play has been working fine for months.. cept in the las few weeks it would begin to play a song.. then just stop, the player shows the song title/etc but there is not sound... i have the latest flash player, i have paid last.fm account and using firefox 19.x
i can click the 'next' button and a song will play, then once that song is done the next one loads, then stops, it would seam that i can not get 2 songs to play consecutively...

Windows XP SP3 - all patched
Firefox 19.x
Adobe Flash Player 11.6.602.171
Fire.fm 1.4.15


  • Please send us your log file so that we can look into this problem further:

    1) Locate your profile folder
    2) Inside this folder, you should see a folder named "firefm". Open it.
    3) Inside this folder you'll see a file named "log.txt". Please send this
    file to us.