Still can't get the snapshot. I see "Generating snapshot..." and it takes forever.
For sure, when I get it, I'll run builds on AIX and HP and let you know.
Currently I'm working on build for Sun SPARC.

One detail - I don't have automake installed on HP, so I used directly ./configure. Could it be the reason why HAVE___THREAD definition was missed?

On Thu, Jun 19, 2014 at 8:48 AM, Alex Peshkoff <> wrote:
On 06/17/14 19:51, vv m wrote:
> Hi All,
> I've built  FB from the source code (v. on HP-UX IA64
> (Itanium).
> This is my setup: HP-UX ia64, HP C/aC++ B3910B A.06.25
> My settings:
> export CC=cc
> export CXX=aCC
> export CFLAGS=+DD64
> export CFLAGS=+DD64
> ./configure --enable-debug=yes
> Resolving a few build issues, I've been able to build create_db, but
> similar to a situation which I had building FB on AIX (see corresponding
> discussion) it produced a core dump:
> Pid 14664 received a SIGSEGV for stack growth failure.
> Possible causes: insufficient memory or swap space,
> or stack size exceeded maxssiz.
> I checked corresponding system settings using kctune and swapinfo, and it
> looked OK.
> I started debugging and figure out that during creation of static object
> GlobalPtr<IntlUtil::Utf8CharSet> IntlUtil::utf8CharSet
> (.../jrd/IntlUtil.cpp), the assert fb_assert(keySet) is met at
> .../common/classes/fb_tls.h:129 during a call of TLS_GET macro at
> .../common/classes/alloc.cpp:300.
> Then this assert is supposed to be stored into the log, and during that
> TLS_GET called again, then, in turn assert happens again, etc. recursively.
> Finally, it kills the stack (I've attached a file with stack details).
> In my understanding, it happens 'cause TLS_GET uses FB's own implementation
> of TLS instead of the one provided by the system compiler.

That's not FB's own, that's posix standard functions. But I agree that
there was firebird bug, showing itself on RISC machines with compiler
missing __thread support.

> In file .../src/include/gen/autoconfig.h, corresponding macro is defined:
> /* Define it if compiler supports ISO syntax for thread-local storage */
> #define HAVE___THREAD 1
> which means that the system supports it.
> Also, there is another comment in fb_tls.h:
> #if defined(HAVE___THREAD)
> // Recent GCC supports __thread keyword. Sun compiler and HP-UX should have
> it too
> # define TLS_DECLARE(TYPE, NAME) __thread TYPE NAME
> # define TLS_GET(NAME) NAME
> But all this is in contradiction with definition in file
> .../src/common/classes/common.h:
> #if defined (__HP_aCC)
> // aCC error, __thread can be used only with C-like structs
> #undef HAVE___THREAD
> #endif
> Having that, my suggestion was to comment the line "#undef HAVE___THREAD".
> After that I've been able to finalize a build successfully and pass basic
> tests.

I've committed a fix for initial problem to B2_5. When you will be able
to access snapshot (BTW, tomorrow you can get it from FB site) please
also try clean build on HPUX if possible.

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