Hi! I got 6 accounts, under them a Jabber-account, with Fire, all connected, only the GoogleTalk I dont know how to work it out.
The account with Jabber is on port 5223, the question with ssl positivly answered, but it is (my account) with jabber.org and the account name is bernano397 (at) jabber.org. I looked up to your account and could only see, that you were disconnected.
PS: "Verify the server certificat"

On 10/13/06, David Barr < dafydd@dafydd.com> wrote:
Apologies for missing a couple details: Fire 1.5.6 on MacOS 10.4.8.
My particular support ticket is



On Oct 13, 2006, at 00:00, David Barr wrote:

> Because, you know I'm not the only one...
> LJ Support says the connectivity problem on the client (Fire) side.
> Service: Jabber
> Username: dafydd
> Password: ****
> Server: livejournal.com
> Port: 5222
> Use SSL: Off
> I've tried this with UINs of "dafydd" and " dafydd@livejournal.com."
> They both just give me
> Jabber - Dosconnected
> errors.
> And awaaaaay we go!


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