The reason you are having difficulties is because we have stopped using CVS as our repository.  (SF was too slow and CVS lacks some good features.)

We now use SVN (subversion) as the version control system for Fire.  Instructions on how to get the source code from svn are located at

Good Luck!



Alan Humpherys

Fire Development Team

On Oct 25, 2005, at 8:45 PM, Jeffrey W. Mintz wrote:

I’m running 10.4.2 and I’ve always gotten the latest fire from cvs from the shell by typing cvs checkout fire and then opening fire/Fire.xcode .  When I do this now, I get the error from Xcode:
    Project /Users/jeffwm/fire/Fire.xcode cannot be opened because it is missing its project.pbxproj file.

Any thoughts
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