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From: Trevor Stone <>

Date: December 12, 2006 10:32:02 PM PST


Subject: New Blood

Greetings everyone.  I notice this mailing list hasn't had any traffic in the last several months and there haven't been many releases this year (I couldn't find a packaged 2.0 Alpha download).  I hope Fire hasn't stagnated (burned out?).  Maybe I can help get some kindling going.

I've been using Fire for the last few years and I think you've all done a great job; I love how well it uses Cocoa features.  For the last few years I've spent my days writing enterprise software in Java.  I've decided to expand my programming skills by working on open source software and Fire looks like a good candidate, in part because there's a bug or two I'd like to see fixed ;-)

What's the state of the project?  What needs to be done?

I built both 1.5.6 and 2.0 from source (Application Only because the full build had an issue or two).  The latter looks pretty but I can't get it to connect to any services.  Do I need to do something special, or should I just try to get the full build working?

Depending on the status and momentum of 2.0, I'd like to help fix some bugs in 1.5 as a way of producing something desirable and finding out how things work (though the readme in 2.0 indicates a large refactor).  Is there a unit testing framework?

My highest priority 1.5.6 bug is the fact that Jabber accounts (I've tried Google and LiveJournal) don't connect on Intel machines (though the forums indicate PPC works fine).  I stepped through the connection process in the debugger and found that the socket open callback had errno 61: ECONNREFUSED.  Any pointers on how to debug that further?

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