#94 Text-2-Speech Voice per buddy...

Some Future Release

I have recently started to use the Text-to-Speech
feature with Fire. I think it would be very useful to
be able to assign different voices to different
buddies, rather than just one for the application.

Just a thought. I have just started tinkering with
Project Builder, so maybe I'll take a look at the
source an see what would be involved to do this. *shrug*



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    I was going to make this suggestion. Since it is here already, let me add a "me too". I have a few people I chat with, and have Fire automatically read out the messages, so would find it very useful to be able to assign a different voice to each. And if I could control the rate, pitch, etc of each voice, all the better.

    Thanks for considering this.

    - David

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    mee tooo!~!!!!
    I would love to be able to do as well as do others who use this app.. its a default expectation once using it

  • Jason Townsend
    Jason Townsend

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    Hear Hear! Especially since my buddy list contains a mixture of males and females, which makes choosing one default voice for all users a little ... odd.

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    any progress on this?
    i was kinda psyched when 1.5 came out but then shrugged once
    i realized nuthing happened with this. the themes are cool
    but the voice thing would be better. id like to be able to
    decern whos talking when t2s is on.