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#611 chat history implementation suggestions

Some Future Release

Some thoughts on ways to improve the implementation of chat

In the Stored Instant Message Conversations window...

- Option for stored conversations to be organized according to
groups as in the buddy window (as opposed to being listed just

- Option for stored conversations to be clustered in the same was as
in the buddy window (as opposed to being divided according to

- Allow deletion of entire screenname's log.

- Allow drag-and-drop merging of two or more screenname's logs.
Upon merging, a window will ask you which log you would like to
merge the others into. In the case that two logs have exactly the
same name, they could be ordered by simply adding a cardinal
number to the end of the name at random or by service priorities as
set in the clustering preference. Once a merge is done, Fire should
remember it and continue to merge future chats in the same way.
There should be a way to demerge as well.

- Allow for a subject heading for the chats. I often find myself
repeatedly sifting through chats to find information someone told
me 3 days ago that the search function won't dig up for me. If
subjects could be put on chats, e.g., "lunch with professor" it would
allow an option to make things considerably easier when one is
looking through the chats.

- Nested folders. The implementions of this would be just like in the
Buddy Window, except that what is currently clustered could be a
further nested folder. In other words, normally you would just click
on the buddy and see your entire history with him, regardles off
service. However, if you were interested in the specific service, you
could click on the triangle icon next to him alias or screenname to
reveal the services and see them in the same way members of a
group are seen.


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    I'd recommend submitting these as separate items, under your
    name. It makes it easier for different people be able to
    monitor/comment on/implement them individually (since they
    seem to be independent, but related features).

  • vpace

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    krishnoid, good call. I'll go ahead and do that.