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FIPA-OS Agent Toolkit / News: Recent posts

ANNOUNCEMENT: FIPA-OS v2.1.0 Released!

We are pleased to announce that FIPA-OS v2.1.0 is now available for download.

FIPA-OS v2.1.0 is a documented release of the FIPA-OS v2.0.0g Experimental release plus many more extensions and improvements. New features include:

- An electronic marketplace framework provided as a tutorial exercise "eMarkets"
- HTTP MTP (HTTP support for platform interoperability provided by QM-UL)
- Specification compliance fixes from the FIPA Bake-Off meeting which validated FIPA-OS support for the FIPA Experimental specifications
- Thread Pooling in the TaskManager for reduced resource usage
- Many memory usage optimisations ... read more

Posted by Alan Treadway 2001-07-03

ANNOUNCEMENT: Experimental MicroFIPA-OS released!

It gives us great pleasure to announce that an experimental release of Micro FIPA-OS is now available for download from http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=3819

MicroFIPAOS has been developed as part of the CRUMPET European research project (http://www.ist-crumpet.org/) primarily by Univeristy of Helsinki (http://www.cs.helsinki.fi/), Sonera Corporation (http://www.sonera.com/) and Emorphia, and aims to provide the following enhancements for FIPA-OS:... read more

Posted by Alan Treadway 2001-05-25

ANNOUNCEMENT: FIPA-OS v2.0.0 Released!

We are pleased to announce that FIPA-OS v2.0.0 is now available for download. There are several reasons for the '2', but principally it is to mark a 'change in management'. Nortel Networks has transferred management responsibility of FIPA-OS to Emorphia. All previous 'covered' code will continue under the Nortel Networks open source public license; however new code will be part of the 'larger works' FIPA-OS 2, released under the Emorphia Public License (http://www.emorphia.com/EPL/), which can also be used or adapted by FIPA-OS contributors. The spirit of royalty-free commercial and academic use continues with FIPA-OS 2. Many improvements and new features have been made to this release, not least security provisions. New features include: ... read more

Posted by Alan Treadway 2001-03-16

FIPA-OS transferred to Emorphia


You may have noticed that for most of this year, Emorphia has undertaken the main co-ordination task for FIPA-OS. The following confirmation was received from Nortel Networks today:

“Nortel Networks as Initial Developer and Manager of FIPA-OS has assigned the FIPA-OS management role; issue release control and further development to Emorphia Ltd, an independent start-up company that has evolved from the Nortel Networks Agent Technology Group.... read more

Posted by Philip Buckle 2001-02-12


Hi to all FIPA-OS developers,
FIPA-OS v1.3.3 Released!
We are pleased to announce the availability of FIPA-OS v1.3.3
The main focus of work for this release has been to enable backward compatibility with JDK1.1 in order to enable FIPA-OS to be deployed onto small devices supporting Personal Java (this has been achieved without too many changes to the codebase through use of an automated code translation process).
Alongside the standard Java 2 version of FIPA-OS, you'll find a JDK1.1 download which has been tested using JDK1.1.8 - we consider this to be an experimental release. As always, please feel free to comment on this new distribution.
Other changes that have been made since the last release are:
Improved batch & shell scripts
RMI Naming Service now persistently stores references (NOTE: The RMI Naming Service no longer automatically starts - it must be started before starting the AgentLoader via the appropriate batch/script file).
To view a complete list of changes, we suggest looking at the change log (http://fipa-os.sourceforge.net/docs/changes.html)
Future plans
Support for the FIPA defined HTTP Message Transport Protocol.
DF GUI support for AIDs.
DF GUI support for DF federation.
Improved Agent Management GUI.
Improved Agent Profile mechanisms
Generic data-binding implementation
As always we look forward to your feedback on this release and particularly encourage discussions on any proposals for new features to be included in future releases, including those proposed within this announcement.
FIPA-OS co-ordinating team, 29/11/2000.

Posted by Chris Newland 2000-11-29


Hi FIPA-OS Developers,

We are pleased to announce the availability of FIPA-OS v1.3.2. Since the previous release we have concentrated on making configuration of the platform simpler, and improving the garbage collection within FIPA-OS platforms. FIPA-OS is available for download via http://www.nortelnetworks.com/fipa-os

Main changes:
- Many bug fixes & efficiency improvements to core classes
- Partial re-implementation of the TaskManager
- GUI's updated to use host OS look and feel
- More efficient DIAGNOSTICS output
- Tutorial Agents have been split from the main distribution, and are available as a separate download, or individually from the "Tutorials/Guides" section of our website.
- A inter-platform configuration guide has been produced (see the "Tutorials/Guides" section of our website @ http://fipa-os.sourceforge.net/tutorials.htm\).
To view a complete list of changes, we suggest looking at the FIPA-OS change log @ http://fipa-os.sourceforge.net/docs/changes.htm.... read more

Posted by Alan Treadway 2000-10-09


Hi FIPA-OS Developers,

We are pleased to announce the availability of FIPA-OS v1.3.1! Since the previous release we have concentrated on improving the quality of the distribution and making the installation process easier by producing a platform-independent installation routine. FIPA-OS is available for download from http://www.nortelnetworks.com/fipa-os

The main changes are as follows:

- Simplified installation process using a platform-independent installer, which complements the GunZip and ZIP archive distributions
- Bug fixes to AgentLoader and IOTestAgent GUI's
- Configurator now also allows configuration of the default agent profile.
- TaskManager exception handling refined to help track down bugs.
- Improved control over DIAGNOSTICS output ... read more

Posted by Alan Treadway 2000-09-13

ANNOUNCEMENT: FIPA-OS v1.3.0 - Released

Hi FIPA-OS Developers,

We are pleased to announce the availability of FIPA-OS v1.3.0; the first public Open Source implementation of the newly released FIPA Experimental specifications for Agent Management, Naming and Transport. FIPA-OS is available for download from http://www.nortelnetworks.com/fipa-os.

During the last 9 months FIPA has gone through a number of changes to its processes which has resulted in a new mechanism to publicly releasing specifications. At the 18th FIPA meeting, hosted by UMBC, a number of the core specifications were approved for Experimental release (recommended for implementation). The new FIPA specifications have lead to substantial changes to the FIPA-OS implementation, which we hope will greatly improve the quality of the code and the functionality. Due to the sheer number of changes that have taken place we encourage FIPA-OS Developers to assist us in testing the new system over the next couple of weeks. For a detailed list of the FIPA Experimental specifications supported by FIPA-OS see the project web site at http://www.nortelnetworks.com/fipa-os.... read more

Posted by Philip Buckle 2000-08-25

NEWS: FIPA-OS v1.3.0 - FIPA 2000 support

Hi All,

Since the last release of FIPA-OS we have been working hard on improving many features and adding support for the newly approved FIPA Experimental specifications that will soon be available at http://www.fipa.org. As we are still at the early stages of using the SourceForge tools for advertising features and bugs to be worked on, and the status of the associated development work I felt it was appropriate to provide a short status summary right now.... read more

Posted by Philip Buckle 2000-08-16

ANNOUNCEMENT: FIPA-OS v1.2.0 released

Hi FIPA-OS developers,

We are pleased to announce the availability of FIPA-OS Version 1.2.0; this is the 7th public release since FIPA-OS was launched last October.

FIPA-OS is easy to install and now supports Jess (Java Expert System Shell) and FIPA-CCL (Constraint Choice Language) to enable improved reasoning abilities within the agents. Please find a feature summary below, together with a brief look at future developments.... read more

Posted by Philip Buckle 2000-07-12

ANNOUNCEMENT: FIPA-OS v1.1.0 released

Hi FIPA-OS developers,

Over the 3 months since the last release of FIPA-OS, our development effort has focused on addressing the main issues discussed on the mailing list: further simplification of the installation process, and improvements to the documentation. Please find a feature summary for the new release below, together with a brief look at what's coming next.

Since the last release a number of research projects have started to extend FIPA-OS. Details of these projects will be posted on the FIPA-OS web site shortly, but in the interim we are please to announce the following projects:... read more

Posted by Philip Buckle 2000-05-23