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#132 Support for CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS

Douglas Creager

I have a patch to Fink that allows me to set the
default values of CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS in fink.conf.
This allows me to compile binary .debs tailored to my
CPU architecture by providing a "-mcpu=G4", for instance.

This patch does not add anything to a package
description, or to package naming conventions, so there
is nothing to distinguish these CPU-specific .debs from
the CPU-agnostic ones compiled by default. I don't
know the best way to tackle that problem, other than to
tell the people using the packages I compile to make
sure to point to the correct package repository for
their CPU.


  • Patch against 0.8.0 to allow C(XX)FLAGS to be set in fink.conf

  • I'll leave this around for users, but this isn't anything we'd ever want in the regular fink releases, because we don't want builds changed via fink.conf.