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#4366 ack 2.10 for Mavericks

Kevin R. Bullock

ack 2.04 is packaged for 10.7 and 10.8, but there was none for 10.9 yet. I took the 10.8 .info file and updated it (note I did not change the Maintainer: field), and took the opportunity to bump the version to 2.10 (latest stable).

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  • 232 is kind of a strange revision number for a brand new version. :-) Definitely not a show-stopper, though.

    Typically we separate the revisions for packages that need to be rebuilt when updating the OS--like those that use the system's Perl, by something like 10 or 20, or maybe 100 if a lot of tweaks are expected to be necessary. In practice, since only a 10.7 -> 10.8 upgrade is actually supported by Fink, something like -1 for 10.6 and 10.7 and -11 for 10.8 and 10.9 would suffice (even -1 for 10.9, but I personally prefer that revisions don't decrease with increasing OS version even when upgrades are disallowed).

  • If you would be interested in becoming the maintainer, then feel free to contact the listed maintainer about it and if he says it's OK or doesn't reply in a few days go ahead and put yourself in the role.

    I know he hasn't had time to do much of anything for Fink packages in a long time.

  • Updated .info file attached, with revision number reset to something sensible. :)

  • The previous ack.patch isn't necessary any more?

  • Looks like not. I bumped the revision to 31, just to be a little conservative.

    • status: open --> closed-accepted
    • Group: Undergoing_Validation --> Added_to_Fink