#4237 biopython-py 1.61


Update to the biophython package. No changes to the package file but change in the version number, downloaded file and MD5 hash.
Did build with fink -m rebuild
dpkg -L attached as txt file


Bugs: #1634


  • output of dpkg -L

    • milestone: --> 373615
  • The patch file is no longer needed, correct?

    Also, what was the reason for removing the InfoTest field? We like to use a package's tests whenever possible to catch possible errors that may crop up in other user's setups.

    • milestone: 373615 --> Awaiting_Update_from_Submitter
  • updated info file

  • Stripped the info file from not required stuff. InfoTest field was not stripped by me. Basically the structure of the info file is what I "inherited". How do you want it to be put back?

  • You can probably just copy the InfoTest field from the 1.59 entry currently in Fink's CVS: http://fink.cvs.sourceforge.net/viewvc/fink/dists/10.7/stable/main/finkinfo/libs/pythonmods/biopython-py.info?view=markup

    A quick glance at the tarball suggests that the directory "Tests/Graphics" is now included in the test and so there's no more need to create it during TestScript:.

    Also, I think line 39 "cp -R doc %i/share/doc/%n/doc"

    will generate the folder "/sw/share/doc/biopython-py27/doc/doc" which has one 'doc' too many at the end.

    Cleaner possibilities (choice left to maintainer):

    cp -R doc/* %i/share/doc/%n/doc
    cp -R doc %i/share/doc/%n
    cp -R doc/* %i/share/doc/%n

  • What is the status of this item? Note that emboss, muscle, and tcoffee now all exist in the 10.7 tree, in case you want to add them to TestDepends as the note suggests.

  • 1.62 has been released yesterday. Will focus on that one. This ticket can be closed/delted. Will open new one.

    • It is not necessary to open a new ticket for a new version of the same submission (unless the changes are so massive that it's best to start the discussion from scratch).