#3361 New: fpc-config, FreePascal Configuration

K.-M. Schindler

The package fpc-config separates the creation of the FreePascal configuration file, from the main package (fpc). It prepares for packages of FreePascal crosscompilers.

It goes along with version 2 of fpc-2.2.2.

It is tested on all 4 combinations of 10.5/10.4 and Intel/PowerPC and should go into 10.4 and 10.5 trees.

The section should be languages.

The .info and .deb files validated well and rebuild with -m was successful.

Greetings from Karl-Michael Schindler aka mischi.


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  • Sorry for the delay: was busy with work.

  • Missing file added. Sorry for the bummer.
    File Added: fpc-config.info

  • fpc-config.info file (updated version 2.2.2-1)

  • X11 paths added to the config file. Needed for lazarus (package to come soon).
    File Added: fpc-config.info

  • If you're going to apply the GPL/LGPL license to this package, it has to appear somewhere in the .deb. I've made modfications to have the package download text copies of the GPL and LGPL.

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