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#1755 New package: WIP

Sebastien Maret

WIP is an interactive package with a simple to use command line
user interface used to produce high quality graphical output. WIP
was developed as part of the Berkeley-Illinois-Maryland
Association (BIMA) project.

A fink package was requested a few months ago: #1017132

It's for unstable/sci


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  • Daniel Macks
    Daniel Macks

    • milestone: 373615 --> 373614
  • Daniel Macks
    Daniel Macks

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    If you're linking against a shared library, you need to
    BuildDepends on the pkg containing the headers and primary
    lib/*.dylib link and Depends on the -shlibs pkg containing
    the actual runtime code. So instead of:
    Depends: libpng3
    would be:
    BuildDepends: libpng3
    Depends: libpng3-shlibs

    Seems like there's an awful lot of compiling happening
    during the install phase. As a result of doing that, you get
    a -DHELPFILE (which gets hard-coded into the wip executable)
    that contains the build path instead of the runtime path.
    OTOH, that helpfile does not get installed at all...

    Need a file in share/doc/%n containing a copyright
    statement. The README you install (via DocFiles) only
    contains compile/install instructions. Perhaps use the doc/
    dir in the tarball?

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    I changed the Depends and BuildDepends in the package.

    I also moved the compilation done during the installation phase to the
    compilation phase. The -DHELPFILE thing is indeed normal. It seems that
    the help file is included in the binary, so it's not needed to install it. The
    help in wip without it works just fine.

    I contacted the developer about the licence. WIP was developped by a
    scientific institution and is a free software, but there is no license file nor
    copyright statement in the source code. What should we do in such case

    • milestone: 373614 --> 373615
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    I have found a copyright statement in the documentation, that I have put
    in a COPYING file.

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    Readline support added.

    • status: open --> closed
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    Looks good, added to unstable tree.

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