#1026 geda-bundle in 10.7

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Mark Salyzyn

libstroke, gsch2pcb pcb and geda-bundle are missing from 10.7 (Lion) list of supported packages. Could this be as easy as moving the existing 10.6 packages into the 10.7 stable tree?

fink 0.32.3


  • According to the description for geeda-gsh2pcb:

    geda-gsch2pcb 1:1.6.2-1 Placeholder to update geda-gsch2pcb to geda-gaf (OBSOLETE)

    geda-gaf _is_ available in 10.7.

    Really, the issue is that most of the packages that go into the geda-bundle aren't available. :-)

    I've arbitrarily assigned this item to the geda* maintainer.

    If you would like to help out in getting these updated, you can download the 10.4 package descriptions. the simplest way is to edit /sw/etc/fink.conf as a superuser and add "10.4" to the SelfUpdateTrees: line, then run a selfupdate. At that point you'll have a /sw/fink/10.4 directory that contains all of the 10.4 package description files, and you can copy those over to your 10.7 tree--I'd recommend putting them in /sw/fink/10.7/local/main/finkinfo.

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  • Charles Lepple
    Charles Lepple

    libstroke depends on glib1, which isn't in the 10.7 tree (and probably shouldn't be). AKH is right about gsch2pcb being included in geda-gaf. I seem to remember some other difficulties with pcb, but if you want to give it a try and report any problems, let me know.

  • Mark Salyzyn
    Mark Salyzyn

    Files as added to /sw/fink/10.7/local/main/finkinfo/

  • Mark Salyzyn
    Mark Salyzyn

    Ok, you will find pcb.files.tar.gz, a bundle of the configuration files I set up to build and install pcb. I selected the latest pcb source release, and patched them to compile. The adjusted the pcb.info file, added pcb.patch, all others are 'as is' from the 10.4 tree.