#1020 include libvpx in ffmpeg please

Alexandre Mougel

ffmpeg is really a pain in the ass to compile from sources, so packaging it in fink is just GREAT. But the vp8 encoder cruelly lacks to your packaged version, it is now fully supported in ffmpeg-0.8. Could you package it plz?


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  • Fink's ffmpeg has supported vp8 (via Fink's libvpx library ) since ffmpeg-0.6.1. I'm working on packaging ffmpeg-0.8, but the current in Fink ffmpeg-0.7.1 also has vp8 support. You can verify this by looking at the output of

    ffmpeg -codecs

    and looking for "VP8"

    as well as

    ffmpeg -formats

    and looking for 'webm'

  • Closing since FInk's ffmpeg does have libvpx abilities.

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