#242 Reliable, accessible selfupdate

John Bollinger

Fink's selfupdate is an essential feature inasmuch as it is by that mechanism that package descriptions are loaded into a new source install, and source install seems the only option for recent versions of OS X. The rsync selfupdate method is a non-starter for those, like me, whose organizations block the standard rsync port. The CVS selfupdate method is often a viable alternative, but SourceForge CVS seems to be having service problems with increasing frequency. In particular, SF anonymous CVS access is administratively disabled right now, and it was broken a few weeks ago, the last time I wanted to perform a new fink install.

It would be very valuable to me to have a reliable selfupdate method that is not blocked by most firewalls. The git method referenced by issue 3444146 might work, but there is no record of any movement on that issue in the past year. To address this issue, the chosen method should run on the standard http, https, ftp, or ssh port. Ideally, it would also run against a dedicated (possibly virtual) server, so as to avoid being blocked as a side effect of a more general service, such as github, being blocked. (Github is not currently blocked for me, but it is among the types of sites that my organization sometimes chooses to block.)


  • There has been some slow movement.


    We've got some issues to address before that can get merged and released, and right now people seem to be really busy. I know I am.

    This supports a checkout over https via either svn or git.

    The "dedicated server" issue is another sore point. Our "dedicated server" was down for a good chunk of both October and November in two separate outages:


    Hopefully we've been able to expedite addressing such issues in the future.

    There have been offers floated for additional machines, but since we're working on the cheap nothing moves quickly.