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#238 Progress bar while patching,building,installing

Julius Canute

A progress bar feature for the end user will be convenient. Just sort of a rough idea, like the lines in the makefile can be cached and can be compared against the number of lines that have been currently executed on it ,estimate the total time remaining based upon the time taken till now to reach the current line in the cached copy. Display a progress bar based upon the number of lines yet to traverse.

I feel that end user need not look at what is going on during patching, building or installation phase.


  • Max Horn
    Max Horn

    Showing a progress estimate cannot work at all. One line in a Makefile can be responsible for 99.999% of the whole time the Makefile spends. Not to mention that not all projects use Makefiles...
    Indeed, any reasonably good approximation to a progress bar get close to solving the so-called "halting problem", which is provably unsolvable.

    The best one could do would be to show an indefinite progress bar -- one that just signifies that something is going on, but gives no estimate on how long it will keep doing something.

    To hide all the output that is going on while unpacking, patching, building and installing a package of course would be doable. One could then show an indefinite progress indicator, to signify that no crash occurred.