#226 Allow for -j option to make

Daniel Macks
Jurjen N.E. Bos

make has a -j option for using multiple processors. Now most of the machine have more than one processor, it would be a waste not to use it.
The best way is to let fink automatically use -j <n>, where n is the number of processors, as a first option to make (so that scripts can override it if they think they know better).

As a proof of concept, I use:

/usr/bin/make.orig: <original make program>
#dirty hack to speed up fink
/usr/bin/make.orig -j 2 $*

And this does indeed speed up the process in the compilation phase, and does not appear to break anything.

- Jurjen


  • Daniel Macks
    Daniel Macks

    • assigned_to: nobody --> dmacks
    • status: open --> closed-rejected
  • Daniel Macks
    Daniel Macks

    We know that some packages are not compatible with -j parallel processing. We fix them as we find them. And we keep finding them, so we assume there are an unknown and not-yet-known set that would also be broken by -j. There's a documented hack to propagate -j via standard MAKEFLAGS env var if you want to do so (look on http://wiki.finkproject.org\). Better to have this feature be opt-in than forcing possibly-weird breakage on the teeming masses.