#221 Additional flag to cleanup, to make a *real* cleanup

Thibaut Cousin


I've been using Fink for three years. One feature has always annoyed me, but I only thought about reporting it when updating to Leopard. Because, suddently, the source of the annoyance was gone. But I heard that it's coming back. ;-)
Alexander Hansen kindly suggested that I report this here.

When I use "fink cleanup", Fink only deletes obsolete packages. Which means that, after cleanup, I still have about 1 Go of .deb files bloating my hard drive.
I have no use for those packages. The corresponding libs or apps are installed anyway. Yes, they could be useful if I needed to reinstall something. That hasn't happened in three years.
So I'd rather have the possibility to delete *all* .deb files and not waste 1 Go of disk space.

I'm not asking to change the default behavior, but whether it would be possible to add a flag to delete all packages. Something like :

fink cleanup --all-packages

Thank your for your attention.


  • Max Horn
    Max Horn

    Iit is not very hard to really remove all .deb files:

    find /sw/fink/ -name "*.deb" -exec rm \{\} \;

    does that ;).

    So yeah, we could build such a thing into "fink cleanup". Similarly, something that deletes *all* source archives in /sw/src -- and for that matter, also any residues in /sw/src/fink.build

    So I see no technical problems with that.