#218 obsoleted python packages

Matthew Bogosian

The following packages are out of date:


I am no longer maintaining these since they can be easily installed using Python's setuptools (which seems to be the preferred way to install Python packages).

Unless something depends on them, I'd recommend their removal from Fink.

I am continuing to actively maintain Python packages that need patches or other assistance with installation (e.g., dtuple.py, db-row.py, etc.).


  • Kevin Horton
    Kevin Horton

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    I hadn't realized that we could use setuptools to install packages for fink's pythons. I just spent some time digging through the easy_install docs, and it does appear to be easy, and it seems to work. Perhaps an FAQ should be added on this "I need a python package, but the package I want isn't listed as a package in Fink. How can I install it?" What would the best answer to the FAQ be?

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    In general, if you're going to do it via setuptools, it still needs to be done in such a way that a .deb is created (however that may be), cf. the use ruby gem packages in Fink rather than using "gem install".

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    I haven't really explored any of them, but perhaps tools like easy-deb (http://easy-deb.sourceforge.net/), stdeb (http://stdeb.python-hosting.com/) or bdist_dpkg (http://svn.python.org/view/sandbox/trunk/Lib/bdist_dpkg.py) would help? It seems like this is an ongoing discussion in Python development (see http://wiki.python.org/moin/DistUtils20\).

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    What is the status here? I am moving this to a feature request, since that seems more appropriate. Feel free to comment/change if you disagree.

    Thanks, Christian.

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