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#214 'fink cleanup' to delete even non-obsolete things


Fink has option to clean up temp files or debs.. (there are a few of the sub options too). But stuff under such as:
/sw/src, /sw/src/fink.build, etc have old built debs or the source files left there that can't be cleaned up. Even if fink cleanup --all will not get them cleaned.

I found those hidden spaces once I was trying to reclaim some spaces back. It took 800MB+ to store those debs and source files and I am sure it will grow more and more if I was not aware of the existence.

I can see the point of storing files locally but when I only care to get more spaces back than anything else, I would love to see an option from fink that can really claim any hidden spaces that fink might have occupied. Something like fink cleanup --env-all to cleanup any built/installed deb files, source files, and built temporary files would be great.


  • Daniel Macks
    Daniel Macks

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    'fink cleanup' is supposed to remove old sources and built debs that are not used by any existing package. So the idea is to remove really *all* (even non-obsolete) sources and debs ones? I adjusted the Summary accordingly. The idea was proposed a while back:

    [ 711350 ] fink cleanup feedback

    but we never acted on it. Need an intuitive flag name (still).

  • Daniel Macks
    Daniel Macks

    • summary: An option to reclaim spaces taken by fink --> 'fink cleanup' to delete even non-obsolete things