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Version 3 Licenscing issue clearence.

Version 3 Licensing issue has been cleared. It can be now released under the same project with a different license.

Version 3 is going to be great!

If you found any thing missiong in version 2 send your requests to

Posted by Bharath Bhushan Lohray 2003-02-26

Version 3

We thank the users of findmaan for patronizing us. The nearly 700 downloads of findmaan v2 in one year is just the 'pat on the back' we need.

We regret to inform our patrons, that due to licensing issues, the much-awaited version of findmaan-v3 shall not be released...

However, the version 3 is nearing completion on my system...and shall be released as a different project, under a different licence. More details about this shall be soon put up in the news column.... read more

Posted by Lord Loh. 2002-12-26