#280 Update to the latest ASM release (4.1+)

William Pugh
Core (2)

ASM 4 has a lot of nice improvements over ASM 3 and also supports Java 7:


  • We discussed already to do this for 2.0.0, but the decision was to postpone. There were also a discussion on a mailing list about possible Java 7 issues with FB, but so far no one have shown an example [1].
    Fot the FB ASM 4 transition itself, I had a patch once [2], but it's out of date now (I've used 4.0 RC2). The transition for FB itself is easy if you follow the patch [1]. The main problem was the compatibility of all FB clients using ASM 3.x API, as ASM 4 is *not* a drop-in replacement. Of course the ASM 4 API is *very* similar to ASM 3.x, but still FB clients has to *change* the code, a simple recompile is not enough.

    @Bill: it would be nice to have and publicly communicate a plan if and when we would like to switch FB to ASM 4.

    [1] https://mailman.cs.umd.edu/pipermail/findbugs-discuss/2011-November/003453.html
    [2] http://code.google.com/r/iloveeclipse-fb-experimental/source/detail?r=5b81159e3a039d3aae0a2d5053cac685574c90bc

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  • Derek

    Cool, makes sense. Sounds like it would be disruptive to existing plugins and doesn't solve any issues without workarounds. Thanks for the info.

  • We have ASM 5.0.2 now.

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