#276 File Input Support

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David Bright

I was running in to problems with extremely large project sets where I would need to use both -xargs and -auxclasspathFromInput.

Unfortunately, with the way these two parameters were coded, they can not be used together, or at least none of my attempts ever resulted in FindBugs not crashing. To get around this problem, and for ease of use in my own work, I added a simple -analyzeFromFile and -auxclasspathFromFile.

Usage is -analyzeFromFile filename and -auxclasspathFromFile filename.
The files are read in, using the newline character as a separator between filenames.

The exception handling is a bit questionable (It simply ignores it and continues on from where it failed) but I wanted to see what you guys thought.

Note: I was working locally when making these updates. I believe to have the latest version, but I honestly might have accidentally obliterated some old changes. I hope this is not the case, but will find out quickly enough I suppose.


  • David Bright
    David Bright

    File Input for the list of files to analyze and files to use for auxclasspath.

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