Migrating from Ant to something more modern ?

D Miles
  • D Miles
    D Miles

    Is the source repository for the project at http://code.google.com/p/findbugs/source/checkout ?

    Does this include findbugs itself as well as the eclipse and other related software ?  It looks like it does.

    If there any reason a more modern build tool such as maven or gradle is not used to build the project ?

    I see a number of things which modern Java projects don\'t really do anymore :
    * IDE specific files checked into SCM
    * JARs of dependency projects checked into SCM
    * Manual construction of OSGi descriptors

    This is just from a short peak at the project.

    Is the reason a political matter (committer(s) have some negative bias against moving on from Ant) or simply that no one has attempted or the time to convert the project.  Obviously there maybe a training aspect if the day-to-day operational maintenance is affected by such a disruptive change.

    There is also the aspect of using SVN versus GIT would that be seen to help having more heads working with and contributing to the project.