#1078 Please support a ResourceCollection alternative to <class>

Ant task (38)
Ed Randall

In the Ant task, working with the nested <class locations="..."> is tedious - I have to add a separate line for each project directory.
The documentation states that a nested <fileset> can also be used - but these are harder to build up in Ant,
I have to resort to ant-contrib <pathtofileset> which does not work for me.
Please support <class> (or some new nested element) as a ResourceCollection so an existing <path> or any other ResourceCollection can be added easily using a refid.


  • Ed Randall
    Ed Randall

    A bit more detail - the problem is that a <fileset> has to list individual files which must exist; Using ant-contrib's <pathtofileset> doesn't work because I'm giving it a path of directory locations.
    At the end of the day i've got a single <path> up the top of my build files where I am specifying the list of all project dirs, this is for use by a number of different targets; I would like to be able to make findbugs consume this list in some way, but I can't i am forced to list them out using multiple <class> elements.