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FAR - Find And Replace / News: Recent posts

1.8 - Comfortable configuration

Sometimes it takes a bit longer to get what you've got to get, especially when you follow the old open source quality principle "it's ready when it's ready".

A lot of work has been done under the hood, but there is also some eye candy. Most notably, the configuration user interface has received a face lift. Most visible: there are more filters for the FIND operation. For instance, you can now exclude certain directories from your search path. I hope you enjoy this release, and do not hesitate to drop a note in the bugtracker if you want to make a wish!

Posted by Olivier Wehner 2014-07-01

1.7 - The Selection Edition

First of all, a big thanks to all you loyal users. The truly skyrocketing download numbers have been my greatest reward and motivation.

Now what's in the box? For me the coolest is subselects: You can apply a pattern to the file list to select only a few for further processing. Useful not only for very large lists, but also to find more than one pattern in a file, which is somtimes hard to state in a single regular expression.... read more

Posted by Olivier Wehner 2013-02-25

1.6.5 - Stayin' Alive

While download numbers are ever increasing (hey, thanks everyone!), I sadly did not have much time for FAR since the last release. That's why this one does not get a "round" version number. Yet I still managed to add some goodies. First of all, a long standing request from Karl Jones has been implemented: Open files and folder from the file list context menu (requires Java 6+). And then, along with the missing Copy option, there is now a realy cool Tree Copy feature. Check it out! Bugs were fixed too, of course.

Posted by Olivier Wehner 2012-04-18

1.6 - Find and Rename

Now this is something I wanted to add since the beginning: bulk file renaming. It nicely blends into the general concept
of FAR as a GUI for bulk file operations. But even if you do not care about this at all, you will want to have this new
release! The "view" and "preview" window now come with a marker ruler that shows the position of matches in a file. Plus
you can save the found file list to disk, or load arbitrary lists of files for processing.

Posted by Olivier Wehner 2011-02-05

1.4 - A FAR View

Here comes the feature we have waited for so desperately: View your findings and preview your changes. But that's not all you can do with the new release. You can now also edit files directly from within the application, plus FAR now provides you with some essential informations about the files. You gotta have it!

Posted by Olivier Wehner 2010-09-03

1.2.1 - Fix Me First

A bugfix release for #2932261 - "Doesn't search all file type". I currently don't find the time to prepare a new feature release, so I thought I fix at least this nasty malfunction. Searching for multiple extensions does now work properly. However, enhanced viewer and editor capabilities are planned to be implemented before the end of the year.

Posted by Olivier Wehner 2010-05-11

1.2 - The Candy Release

Some new tiny features have been added that are supposed to make the handling smoother. In particular, since it's Christmas time, Florians wish has been granted: there is an undo history on every texarea now.
And thanks to the people of http://launch4j.sourceforge.net FAR fits better into Windows. The integration into Mac OS X has also been reworked. Hope to please you!

Posted by Olivier Wehner 2009-12-07

Number One!

Version 1.0 is out with polishing and bug fixes and a tiny enhancement: You can now define patterns to exclude files from you search. Comes in handy if you are looking for files that are missing a particular entry. Give it a try!

Posted by Olivier Wehner 2009-07-22

A Fix To Win

Sorry for those who ran into this: On Windows you where blocked when you tried to make two (2) replace operations on the same file! You would just get red lines in you file list, and maybe a silly error message. 0.9.7 fixes this.

Posted by Olivier Wehner 2009-06-09

First Ardent Release

Here comes FAR, the brand new cross platform Find And Replace utilitiy. Check it out!

Posted by Olivier Wehner 2009-06-03