1.7 - The Selection Edition

First of all, a big thanks to all you loyal users. The truly skyrocketing download numbers have been my greatest reward and motivation.

Now what's in the box? For me the coolest is subselects: You can apply a pattern to the file list to select only a few for further processing. Useful not only for very large lists, but also to find more than one pattern in a file, which is somtimes hard to state in a single regular expression.

Then you can save an load patterns for search or replace, there is a toolbox that allows to change the character encoding or the line break character, and ultimately, for users of Java 6 and higher, FAR has become sensitive for drag and drop. So you can now pull a bunch of files or directories onto the application to load all contained files into the list. And there is even more, check out the change log (http://findandreplace.sourceforge.net/changelog.txt) for a full picture.

Posted by Olivier Wehner 2013-02-25
  • feiyue

    Hello, I have some questions for FAR? could you help me? My Email:fysuccess@----, how to complete batch function?

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  • Olivier Wehner
    Olivier Wehner

    Please see tracker entry #33 (batch search and replace operations) that has been created in response to this request.

    Don't be shy to create a tracker entry for desired features.

    • feiyue

      I am very grateful for your guidance, for I didn't know how to ask questions before, now I am clear. I managed to relize batch search and replace operations,I have made some progress. It can execute batch command by reading a txt file now, but it cannot undo to the original files. I am looking forward to your improvements.