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Film Gimp / News: Recent posts

Film Gimp Release 0.7 -- Now has RPM

Thanks to Sam Richards and others, Film Gimp 0.7!

This is another cleanup release, which now includes rpm installs.

As always thanks for all the contributions.

* Upgrades for frame manager and blend from RnH
* Fixed text for 16bit float. - thanks to Kevin Murray
* Minor tweeks to README and INSTALL files.
* New splash screen - Thanks to Glenn
* RPM Build - Thanks to Rene Rask
* Move gimp stuff to share/filmgimp/$VERSION rather than share
* Fix about dialog box.

Posted by Robin Rowe 2002-11-11

Film Gimp 0.5

This is a fix release:

Fixed the following submitted bugs:
614790 - Brightness & Contrast Causes Crash
614797 - Select > By Colour Causes Crash
615919 - toggle rulers/guides/snap doesnt work
615924 - Selecting "mask to selection" crashes

Also, this release is now under CVS, which should help with updates.Thanks for all the submitted bugs. Hopefully CVS should make it easier to keep up with the bug fixes.... read more

Posted by Robin Rowe 2002-10-21

filmgimp-0.4 released

Film Gimp is a motion picture editing tool primarily used for painting and retouching of movies. filmgimp-0.4 has been released.

It includes:

- The more recent uploads to the old CVS site (mostly bug fixes, as far as I can tell).

- Menu options to change the "bit depth".

- Color LUT fixes - previously the color swatches were in a gamma 2.2 space whereas the images were in a gamma 1 space. Now everything is in gamma 1. ... read more

Posted by Robin Rowe 2002-09-24