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what's happening

What's happening with Filler at the moment is:
* I wish people i18ning version 1.01 would send me what they promised
* I want to install Mandrake 8 on this box before I get too attached to my current files
* The ancient version which predates GPLing is embedded in the product I get paid to work on, and is proving a hit at mine sites across the U.S.
* I have almost recovered from my O/S trip, and my computer room is sometimes cool enough to sit in now that summer is leaving.... read more

Posted by John Farrell 2001-03-11

I will be away for a month

I will be away from my home PC (where I do all Filler stuff) from Jan 29 till Feb 25. We are just completing a new version of our product which features huge architectural changes to the distributed object system, implemented by me, so I get to go to Wyoming and Arizona to help make it work and keep the customers happy. I hope to still log into sourceforge occasionally, but on site the standard is a 14 hour work day.

Posted by John Farrell 2001-01-22

development release 1.02

I have uploaded release 1.02 which is a development release only. This release should not be internationalised yet, only 1.01 should be internationalised. The 1.01 code base will eventually become release 1.1, and the development stream will become 2.0.

Posted by John Farrell 2001-01-03

release 1.01

I have finally uploaded the files for release 1.01 of Filler in Java. This release includes a couple of bug fixes affecting internationalisation, and includes Finnish and Russian translations.

Posted by John Farrell 2000-12-16


There is an internationalisation forum for this project now. I will start sending info to that (when I know any).

In the file, there is a line that looks like this:


It's useless, and a mistake, so please delete it
when you translate.

Posted by John Farrell 2000-12-08

RPMs for release 1.0 available

Thanks to Tognon Stefano, I have found out how to make RPMs and have added them to the 1.0 release.
Calloo callay, oh frabjous day!

Posted by John Farrell 2000-12-06