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Help wanted to create makefiles/configure scripts

In order to create the upcoming cross-platform version of FileZilla 3 (http://sf.net/projects/filezilla), I'm searching for a developer which knows how to use automake, autoconf and the like to create the neccessary input files for these tools.

FileZilla 3 uses the wxWidgets library.
Structure of the project:
FZ3 is divided into two parts, the engine and the interface, located in the src/engine and src/interface subfolders.
The engine should be compiled as static library and the interface links to it. Common for both is a shared include folder located in src/include.

Your task would just be to create the input files for the automake and autoconf tools, there's no further obligation.

If you're interested, please send a mail to tim.kosse@gmx.de or visit #filezilla@irc.freenode.net

Tim Kosse
FileZilla Project Leader

Posted by Tim Kosse 2004-03-14