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[r332] (HEAD) by tjbramer

Tag for v0.6.5.6000

2010-05-23 03:00:11 Tree
[r331] by tjbramer

This is the new trunk, based on v0.6.5.6000, previously known as v0.6.3.5850.

2010-05-23 02:42:53 Tree
[r330] by tjbramer

Removed this copy of trunk. New trunk will be old experimental branch.

2010-05-23 02:41:17 Tree
[r329] by tjbramer

Old trunk from

2010-05-23 02:23:22 Tree
[r328] by tjbramer

Updates for installer and build system related to mingw-w64.

2010-05-23 02:07:27 Tree
[r327] by tjbramer

Changes made to build with mingw-w64 (GCC 4.6.0 experimental).

2010-05-22 22:51:43 Tree
[r326] by tjbramer

gmtime uses a pointer to time_t, not time_t itself.

2010-05-22 18:04:26 Tree
[r325] by tjbramer

Tag for v0.6.3.5830.

2010-05-22 02:34:58 Tree
[r324] by tjbramer

Changed uses of the libseh macros (__try, __except) to C++ sehpp style handling, as newer versions of libstdc++ use a __try macro for a different purpose!

2010-05-10 02:12:43 Tree
[r323] by tjbramer

Changed references to distance_type as now being difference_type. There must have been a typedef in other libraries that made distance_type work before.

2010-05-10 02:09:28 Tree
[r322] by tjbramer
2010-02-01 04:17:33 Tree
[r321] by tjbramer

Removed embedded newlines from MessageBox messages where messages should be wrapped by the system.

2010-01-24 05:31:55 Tree
[r320] by tjbramer

Regex for MD5SUM archive reader was initialized with a different regex between the two constructors in CxMD5HashArchiveReader.

2010-01-24 05:29:11 Tree
[r319] by tjbramer

MSVC stream factory implementation now returns NULL when file cannot be opened.

2010-01-24 05:27:39 Tree
[r318] by tjbramer

Accessing one element beyond vector with operator[] may result in undefined behavior depending on the implementation.

2010-01-24 05:00:47 Tree
[r317] by tjbramer

MSVC has iterator range checking for vectors, even if those iterators are not dereferenced. This caused the program to crash while in Base64Encode. Base64Decode was updated as well.

2010-01-24 04:53:13 Tree
[r316] by tjbramer

Fixed error in comment.

2010-01-24 04:42:14 Tree
[r315] by tjbramer

Make FVPP_CPU_TARGET available for CMakeLists.txt in subdirectories.

2010-01-17 03:12:45 Tree
[r314] by tjbramer

Many modifications for 64-bit compatibility and the separation of core library from main application:

win32/installer/*, cmake/WIX.cmake: Upgraded project to WiX 3. Not all deprecation warnings have been resolved yet, but correct 64-bit packages are able to be produced, at least.

src/core/hashentry.[ch]pp: Extended and normal MD5SUM lines in MD5SUM files are tested for with two seperate regular expressions in order to solve a problem occuring with newer versions of Boost.Regex.

2009-11-29 21:30:55 Tree
[r313] by tjbramer
2009-07-28 22:20:31 Tree
[r312] by tjbramer

Modifications to make program compile for 64-bit Windows (x64).

2009-07-28 21:42:19 Tree
[r311] by tjbramer

Option to inhibit trigraph warnings should have been -Wno-trigraphs

2009-05-24 18:58:39 Tree
[r310] by tjbramer

Merged v0.6.2.5822/CHANGELOG.txt with the trunk.

2009-05-17 04:24:17 Tree
[r309] by tjbramer

Updated changelog and version number for unexpected v0.6.2.5822 release (optimized build).

2009-05-17 03:46:07 Tree
[r308] by tjbramer

Tag for v0.6.2.5822.

2009-05-17 03:33:44 Tree
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