#12 Minimize Button And Completed Soud Effect


Testing: v0.6.6.6050

I have two feature requests. They go hand-in-hand.

1. During a long calculation or verify, it would be extremely useful if FileVerifier++ had a way to be minimized. On Windows there are typically three ways to minimize a program:

A) The "Show Desktop" button to minimize all windows.
B) The 'Windows+M' key combo to minimize all windows.
C) From the program itself to minimize only that program.

Here's the problem.

Option A works. However, as soon as you restore any other running program, FileVerifier++ also restores. It shouldn't do this.
Option B doesn't work on FileVerifier++. It works on all other running programs, but not FileVerifier++. It should do this.
Option C can't work, because FileVerifier++ doesn't have this ability during a calculation or verify. It should have this.

I believe having the option to minimize the entire program to the Taskbar and/or to the Notification Area is a necessity. Certainly an option to minimize to the Notification Area. This would be particularly useful due to FileVerifier++ taking up twice as much space on the Taskbar with it's two Taskbar buttons per task. And, this issue only gets worse with each concurrently running task.

2. Based on the above or perhaps separately, it would be handy if FileVerifier++ had the option to play a sound effect when a calculation or verify is completed. A user selectable one would be ideal. In fact, I have one ready to go. When played it says, "FileVerifier++ Completed". However, a simple System "ding" would be almost as handy. :)


  • Tom Bramer
    Tom Bramer

    1.) I'll have to look into adding a minimize and/or hide button to the progress dialog itself. Everything here is standard behavior for applications with modal dialog boxes active.

    2.) This could be done also.

  • Thank you