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#11 MD5 Hash File Contents


Testing: v0.6.6.6050

This is a minor two part feature request. These are very subjective requests that pertain to the contents of a _saved hash_ file.

First part; I noticed that the saved hash value in the MD5 file uses lowercase letters. Would it be possible to save the hash using uppercase letters for easier reading?

Second part; I think the underscores are sorting incorrectly. Any directory or file that starts with an underscore typically gets sorted above letters and numbers. Currently underscores are being sorted below letters and numbers.

BTW, I previously worked in QA as a beta tester and while I'm now retired, the habit is difficult to break. Please forgive me for these trivial suggestions. :)


  • Tom Bramer
    Tom Bramer

    While FV++ would not have an issue with it, I don't know if it would cause compatibility issues with other programs concerning the case of the letters in the hexadecimal format. I'd have to do some research into this.

    The files are being sorted via. standard sorting algorithms, so that's why that isn't happening as expected. This could be improved.