Tell me what you think/ want

Tom Turkey
  • Tom Turkey
    Tom Turkey

    I am looking for someone, possibly you, to give me a little feed back on filerunner.  Tell me what you like, but, mostly what you don't like or would like added and I will see if I can find some time to satisfy your request(s).

  • sokol470

    The FileRunner is the greatest file browser available, no question. I have been using it since 1996. Recently, after installation of Ubuntu, I ran into problem with fonts in my 2.5 (1996) version so I downloaded the latest and greatest  fr- I didn't like the columns outline so I went one version back to fr- which is tolerable as far as the columns arrangement.
    However, I was unable to remove the 'lk' column that I consider useless. Anyway, it turned out  as helpful to get these newer version as I figured the GUI font and inserted 'TkFixedFont' into my old 1996 version.
    Also, the info line 'File/Dir lk size mtime' is kind of superfluous (maybe useful for Windows users).
    Summary: I'd be happy to return to the latest when I hack out the features I don't want.