File Manage Initial Release at 0.9.0

File Manage, a PHP-based FTP-style way to manage your files remotely from anywhere with an internet connection. Being able to append files and view properties without having to go through the hassle of downloading then re-uploading. Almost every management ability is server-side, so there are minimal wait times when managing your files. There is no database system required, and the program is 100% plug-and-play.

File Manage will now be File Lists new big brother. Other than the ability to list files and directories, File Manage is a completely new system from File List 3.1.5.
As the name suggests, instead of just getting lists of files, you are now able to manage the files. Users with sufficient permissions are able to edit text-based files, rename files and directories, delete files and directories, copy or cut and paste files, create new text-based files right on the server, create sub directories, and upload files.

The jump from File List 3.1.5 was from a measly 33 KB (830 lines) to a whopping 133 KB (2996 lines). Needless to say a lot has changed. Much of the added code was the file managing abilities, but the security on this system is nothing to be taken lightly. A guest to our project was Brian Erdelyi, who is a security vulnerability expert. Erdelyi walked through with the developers the entire input, throughput, output process of every aspect of the system, and in this end gave his stamp of approval. It is not yet fully complete, but with no database required, it is almost as secure as it gets.

The login and permissions system is completely home grown and allows for an admin to give additional users a very general or very specific list of abilities on the File Manage system. In this duel tier system, one setting allows admins an easy and secure way to allow users to access their files and a scaling ability to manage the files; the other tier is for more advanced admins who will be able to revoke or grant each specific ability to a user (up to 256 different combinations).

File List is still available with some of the features from the File Manage program such as the ability to view detailed properties of files. This can include any audio or video information, image information, and other general info about the file. It also includes all the bug fixes and optimization that occurred for File Manage. It rides in at 53 KB, which does not contain all the cool managing features of File Manage, but rather is designed for faster, more specified, access of list of files and directories.

Some big new features for the File List 3.1.5 to 3.2.0 update and features that are included in File Manage 0.9.0:
-Revamped documentation, including new HTML files.
-The new and updated notification which used to only work on directories works correctly on files now.
-Changed rounding of variables from floor() to round() which makes certain statistics more accurate.
-Optimized the allowed() and flscandir() functions to save many lines of code and allow the program to run faster.
-Properties dialogue was added to give more specific and additional information about files.
-Now admins will not have to associate icons with extensions. There is now a feature available that will do it automatically for them.
-A note system was added so users are able to click on a (?) near things that are unclear about what they do.
-Now the system logs page views and unique hits.
-Certain files that should not have been accessible were, this has been fixed with the added security.
-Many other minor bug fixes, stabilization, optimization, and minor features were added too (too many to list here).

These programs are available here:
File Manage 0.9.0:

File List 3.2.0:

Please submit any bugs or feature requests to which is our project base (due to a recent bug, we were forced to move our downloadable files to . Both will remain active until the bug is fixed. At which time will remain.

The next release of File Manage and File List are already underway so visit our Project site often to get any updates you want. The next version already contains a minor security fix, a power-filled console (command line) for admins, optimizations, and a few small bug fixes; but surly this is not the end of updates for the next release.

Posted by Brandon Nimon 2005-04-21