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File Commander rev 589

New version out... there is almost nothing new, just one "little" critical bug fixed. I hope it's fixed...

Posted by Isshou 2007-11-09

File Commander rev 578

So next release is out. What's new? Major update is support of deleting files from archives (if plugin supports it). Then there are some new features and bug fixes, as usually :-) .

Posted by Isshou 2007-10-29

File Commander rev 553 fixed release

I fixed two bugs which was posted in forum:
I hope it will work better :) .

Posted by Isshou 2007-09-25

File Commander rev 550

After about two months next release is out... so what's new? Almost nothing :) . The main reason it takes so long is that I modify the way of access to files. Besides this there are some little improvements like:
- experimental background extracting from archives
- case sensitive file searching
- able to select panel's path and copy it to clipboard
- show directory name with extension only in file name column... read more

Posted by Isshou 2007-09-24

File Commander rev 395

Another version released with little improvements like completers, history of some controls, sorting by other columns than name and extension and others. Also content of directory view is shown significantly faster.

Posted by Isshou 2007-07-09

File Commander rev 367

There are mainly some fixes and just some little improvements in this version.

Posted by Isshou 2007-07-02

File Commander rev 345

I almost forgot to put news about new release of File Commander :-) . What's new... besides some bug(fixes) there are new features like favourite directories, column set switching and (Total Commander) packer plugin support (only browsing and extracting). More on homepage.

Posted by Isshou 2007-06-17

File Commander rev 278 out for preview

Second try, first one is well hidden ;) . This version is just for preview but should be usable. It's for Windows only. Who is interested can try and tell me what's wrong even now :) .

Posted by Isshou 2007-05-21